I am a member of the Professional Editors’ Group (PEG) in South Africa. You will find my profile here . Go to my profile by typing my name and surname in the search boxes at the bottom of the page.

Die dooies leef
(The dead are alive)

SD Fourie
Naledi Books
Novel development and full edit


"She sniffed through my manuscript like a bloodhound. Her general knowledge makes it possible for her to find anachronisms that not many other people would be able to.

What I realised only afterwards was that, through asking questions, Heléne came to understand the language I use and with which I am comfortable. While she could make me furious with all the questions at times, it is exactly her insistence on asking them, and forcing me to answer, that made it possible for her never to hijack my story.

Her quest for a product as close to perfect as humanly possible would be an asset to any fastidious author."

    SD Fourie
Katte – ‘n Handleiding vir verantwoordlike kateienaars in Suid-Afrika
(Cats – A guide for responsible cat owners in South Africa)

Yolanda Wessels
Naledi Books
Non fiction
Full edit


"Heléne is the most sterling editor I have ever worked with. She has the ability to research and verify facts to the finest detail. Her thoroughness, professionalism and ability to honour deadlines are traits to which I am prepared to commit my reputation as an editor."

    Melt Myburg
(Editor in Chief: Naledi Books at the time)
(Currently Commissioning Editor: Penguin South Africa)
Gogo's Kitchen
And more... It is not possible for me to showcase all my work here, firstly, because I do not have all the documents available, and secondly, companies requiring edits and reviews of documents most often let their freelancers sign confidentiality agreements.

To summarise:
• School books
• Academic work
• Medical and pharmaceutical edits, proofreading and reviews
• Technical edits, proofreading and reviews
• Short-term insurance
• Promotional edits, proofreading and reviews

To see full details and a chronological list of all my work, please contact me.